Weekly and Monthly Activities 

Each activity has a Coordinator - for any of the activities that do not yet have a Coordinator confirmed, please call Jackie at the Club to volunteer.

The Centre is a Fragrance Free Facility

Absolutely No Perfume, Cologne, Scented Lotions or other Scented Products

Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of the activity in order for the activity to begin on time.

Please pay your Activity Fee with Loonies or a Twoonie, no small coins.

Checkout the Activity Information, Volunteer Activities and Activity Resources at the bottom of this page.  



All Activities in the Gym are cancelled from Jun 6 - 25

This includes: Video Exercise, Line Dancing, Floor Curling, and Wii Bowling

Weekly Activities

Monday –

Men's Walking Group @ 9am -  Coordinator, Ed

Floor Curling Game 1 @ 11:00am . - Lunch Break (Bring your own) - Game 2 at 12:30pm -  Coordinator, Mel 

Knitting Group @ 1pm - Coordinator, Val Finished for the session. 

Tuesday –

Pool @ 10am to 4pm drop in - Coordinator, Blair

Shuffleboard @ 10:15am - Coordinator, Siggy & Goodie

Video Exercise @ 10:15am - Coordinator, Sheila

Beginner Line Dance @ 11:15 - New dancers welcome - Coordinator, Jennifer - Instructor Karen and Jennifer - Check out Activity Resources for dance info. Finished for the session. 

Guitar Session @ 1:30pm - Coordinator, Ron Finished for the session. 

Euchre @ 1pm -  Coordinator, Jennifer - Check out External link opens in new tab or windowActivity Resources for info and rules.

Bridge @ 1pm  -  Coordinator, Linda


Wednesday –

Men's Walking Group @ 9am - Coordinator, Ed

Pool @ 10am to 4pm drop in  -  Coordinator, Blair

Line Dancing @ 10:15am - New dancers welcome - Coordinator, Jennifer - Instructors Jennifer and Karen - Check out Activity Resources for dance info.

Canasta @ 12:30pm - Coordinator, Pauline 

Learn to Play the Ukulele @ 1:30pm - Instructor, Linda - Finished for the season.. 

Cribbage @ 7pm  - Coordinator, Sharon 


Thursday –

Pool @ at 10 am to 4pm drop in  -  Coordinator, Blair

Video Exercise @ 10:15 am  -  Coordinator, Sheila 

Bridge @ 1pm  -  Coordinator, Ed

Wii Bowling @ 1pm - Coordinator, Lyn

Mah Jongg @ 1pm - Coordinator, Pat - Check out External link opens in new tab or windowActivity Resources for info and where to buy a card.

Duplicate Bridge @ 6:30pm - Coordinator, Diane


Friday –

Men's Walking Group @ 9am - Coordinator, Ed 

Pool @ 10am to 4pm drop in -  Coordinator, Blair

Floor Curling:  Game 1 @ 11am - Lunch Break (Bring your own) - Game 2 @ 12:30pm - Coordinator, Mel 

Monthly Activities

Monday –

Monthly Dinner, Roast Pork and Chicken, Jun 5,SOLD OUT, Doors open @ 5pm, Check out Activity Info for details.

Tuesday –

Wednesday –

Memory Cafe, June 7 @ 1pm - first Wednesday of each month - Check out Activity Info for details.

Technology Session, June 7 @ 4:30pm  - Instructor, Sally, Check out Activity Info for appointment details.

Heather's Painting Class, TBA @ 1pm - third Wednesday of the month - Check out Activity Info for details.

Thursday –


Friday –

Social, Jun 16 @ 3-6 pm - third Friday of the month, Potluck / Bring a Shareable Appetizer 

 PLEASE NOTE: Program Dates & Times are Subject to Change

Activity Information

 Technology Session -  1st Wednesday of Month, from 4:30pm to 5:30pm.  Next Session Jun 7.  Sally Smith is the instructor.  Appointments are requires, see details.   For tech information check the Catalog tab at External link opens in new tab or windowSenior Tech Club. 

Volunteer Activities

Memory Cafe - Are you passionate about making a difference for others in your community?  Do you have two hours of time per month?  The Memory Cafe is a warm and welcoming gathering opportunity where those impacted by dementia can socialize.  Contact Jennifer at 403-969-6040 for details on volunteering etc.


Activity Resources